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To bring together ladies who have a common bond: fishing.

Founded in 2004, the Texas Lady Anglers (TLA) association focuses on bringing more women to the sport of fishing. TLA provides networking opportunities among women anglers when all are welcomed to learn, laugh, and of course - fish.

Our Founders

Patricia Picco  (Contact Pat)
Growing up in South Texas, her love for anything saltwater runs deep - and now located in Dallas with her husband, Max, and 3 children, she is adapting that love to include freshwater adventures.

Pat has a passion for creating an open and inclusive environment for women and their families to grow their own love of the sport.

Patti Polensky (Contact Patti)
After many hours of travelling with Pat to numerous parts of the world together, they became great friends. They embarked on another adventure: bringing together other area women who love to fish.

Patti and her husband Chad live on the bay and have been fishing together for more than 20 years. 

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