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Online Tournament

Members Only: Fall Madness Online Tournament

It is THAT time of the year again! Our on-line Fall Madness Tournament will start on Friday, October 13 and will run until November 12, 2017. Print out your registration form and send in the $31 registration fee to join in!

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Members Only: Fall Madness Online Tournament

Time & Location

Oct 15, 2017, 7:00 PM – Nov 12, 2017, 11:30 PM

Online Tournament

About The Event

Texas Lady Anglers Summer Madness Tournament Rules

This is a Members Only Tournament. If you are not a member, you can send in your

Membership Application with the fee with your tournament registration and fee.

Read carefully the instructions on photographing, allowable fish sizes, mouth open penalty and

the only acceptable measuring device.

All entrants will compete against each other for the length of the tournament. Submissions will

be made by digital photographs online by emailing to This is the

only acceptable email for submissions.

1. Federal, State and Local Laws; Eligibility; and Sportsmanship

All contestants are required to follow all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations and

laws. Any violation of such rules or Texas Lady Anglers rules may result in disqualification from

the tournament and / or future Texas Lady Anglers events. Participants must have a valid Texas

fishing license and saltwater stamp on person. Safe boating will be observed at all times. Each

contestant is required to carry all safety equipment meeting federal and local regulations. All

anglers entered in any Texas Lady Anglers event must be a Texas Lady Anglers member in good

standing. Texas Lady Anglers has the right to accept or deny any entry into the event. Any

tournament official or tournament sponsor entering the tournament in compliance with

tournament rules is eligible for any and all prizes. All contestants are required to practice

courtesy, safety and follow local and state game laws. Anyone displaying poor sportsmanship or

violating game laws will be subject to disqualification and potential banishment from Texas

Lady Anglers.

2. Permitted Fishing Locations and Methods

Contestants may fish anywhere on gulf coast waters, except areas designated as "off limits" or

"no fishing" by local, state, federal officials. Private launch sites are permitted. Contestants may

fish by any means: boat, kayak, wade, pier, bank or surf. Live bait, dead bait or artificial may be


3. Tournament Entry Fees & Registration Dates

The entry fee to the tournament is $31. The entry fee is non-refundable and is not subject to

transfer. ALL Registration and payments must be received before the tournament starts by

Friday, October 13, 2017. The tournament will run from 12:01am Friday, October 13, 2017

through 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 12, 2017.

4. Accepted fish

This is a 4 Fish tournament. A stringer of one Flounder, one Speckled Trout, one Redfish, one

Croaker, are the 4 acceptable fish for this tournament. Fish may be undersized with the

assumption that since this is a photograph tournament, non-legal fish are then released. There

will be no lower size limit for this tournament since undersized fish will be photographed and

released. Upper limits imposed by the State of Texas are usually the upper limits for this

tournament. However, there are no upper limits for flounder, croaker, or sand trout. There will

be no upper limit on Speckled Trout but remember that you can only keep one above 25”. Since

this is a photo contest you can submit speckled trout above 25” with the understanding that you

will follow all state laws.

5. Scoring

Contestants will submit photographs meeting tournament requirements of the 4 fish. The

combined length of the 4 acceptable fish will be totaled by a tournament official to achieve the

angler’s score. All 4 fish have to be included in the Stringer category. Anglers are encouraged

to “upgrade” during the tournament period. There will also be a first place prize for the longest

stringer and a first place prize for longest individual flounder, trout, redfish, and croaker.

Undersized fish are acceptable assuming the fish is released after photograph. You may also

upgrade these during the tournament as mentioned above.

6. Photograph submissions All fish will be submitted on a SILVER Check-it stick. No other

measuring device will be accepted. Check-it sticks can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Academy,

and most tackle shops for less than $20. If your photo is not readable, we cannot accept it. We

will zoom in on the photo best we can and make all efforts to read your submission. We will not

make guesses. Make sure the photo is clear. You should take several pictures to make sure you

have an acceptable photo. Make sure at least 2-3 numbers are visible past the tail.

 Before the beginning of the tournament (12:01am October 13. 2017), the tournament

director will post on the message board the designated item to be included in the

photograph which will function to assure that the catch was made during the time period

of the tournament. This item must be included in ALL photographs to be accepted.

The photograph MUST be taken with your fish lying flat on the Check-it Stik with its mouth

closed Reds, croakers. and fish with an under bite may have the mouth open but trout and

flounder mouths MUST be completely closed. The nose must be pressed against the upright

“0” inch line. A 1” penalty will be subtracted from the length of fish submitted with

mouth open even if the mouth appears to be open a tiny amount. A 1” or more penalty

will be subtracted from the length if the nose is not pressed against the “0” upright on

the check-it Stik. The full length of the fish must be viewable in the entire photograph along

with the item noted above. It is acceptable and encouraged to pinch the tail or swing the tail

down to achieve the longest length possible but the mouth must remain closed and pressed

against the “0” upright. Please attempt to assure that the measuring device is easily readable

in the photographs, free of debris and glare. To be absolutely CLEAR: Fish must be

measured on the silver Check-it Stik with the mouth closed and nose on the upright“0” with

the tournament item clearly shown in the picture with 2-3 numbers showing past the tail.

The photo must be clear and free of glare and blur. Tournament slips will not be accepted.

All full size photos must be submitted by email to within 72 hours of

the fish being caught, however, all photos must be submitted by 11:59:59 of the last day of the

tournament. This is the only acceptable email address to send the pictures. Send full size photos

only. DO NOT SIZE PHOTOS DOWN. The tournament record keeper will retrieve photos

from the email then resize and post them on the message board once the size measurement has

been officially documented.

The participant must retain all original photographs (not resized) for review upon request by the

Tournament Committee. The tournament record keeper will resize and post the pictures on the

message board.

9. Tie Breakers

Tie Breaker for Stringer is the longest flounder. Ties for all other individual fish will be

determined by the first fish of that category submitted.

10. Protests

All protests must be submitted via email to or in writing to the

tournament director. There is no fee to protest. The protest must be issued within 24 hours

that the fish in question is posted. The decision of the tournament committee will be final.

Any tournament participant can file a protest on behalf of any other tournament participant

including themselves.

11. Spirit of Sportsmanship Rulings

Not all rules and loop-holes can possibly be addressed. However, the spirit of these rules is

intended to promote good sportsmanship. The tournament committee has the right to invoke the

“Spirit of Sportsmanship Rule” and make rulings to foster the spirit of good and fair


The Tournament Director is Becky Gary aka Pisces on the message board.

Please feel free to post on the message board or send a private message or email with questions.

Now, go catch big fish!!

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