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Tight Lines - October 2017

Upcoming Events:

October 13 - November 12: Fall Madness online tournament

October 27 - 29: Lake Calcasieu Group Trip

November 18: Fall Flounder Fling Tournament


TLA is a proud supporter of H.O.M.E. (Help Our Military Endure). We collect items year round to send to the troops. These items are then placed into care packages and are shipped to our soldiers.

For more information on where to drop off donations, contact us.

The following list is an example of the types of items that we collect for these brave men and women:

- Food/Drink Products: examples include canned foods, cereal (single-serving boxes), instant coffee, coffee creamer, cookies, heat-resistant candy, nuts/trail mix, pop tarts, powdered drink mixes, tea mixes

- Hygiene/Toiletry Products: examples include baby wipes, lip balm, deodorant, eye drops, nail files, foot powder, hand lotion, cotton swabs, floss

- Misc: examples include bug spray, plastic baggies, duct tape, socks, tissues, pens, magazines, board games