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Getting Ready for Venice

As we go through our gear and pack our bags for the upcoming TLA Venice, LA trip, anticipation grows as we set our sets on the unknown outcome of this adventure. With 2 days of fishing planned, both inshore and offshore, this trip promises to hold some firsts for many of our ladies.

One thing is for sure - Tuna is king in Venice and we are definitely hoping to land a few . . . Louisiana's Tuna Fishing 101

The step-by-step process necessary for anglers to entice, hook and land Gulf of Mexico yellowfin tuna.

By Sam Hudson September 15, 2016

Capt. Wade Wells, of the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company in Venice, Louisiana, was itching to get back on the water. "We were off the water all last week, and you never know if the fish are where you left them," he said.

In late August 2016, treacherous rains and overflowing rivers flooded many residents out of their homes, causing FEMA to declare 20 different Louisiana parishes disaster areas. Although the floods didn't affect the entire state, the heavy storms sure did. Venice, located in Plaquemines Parish, didn't see the high rain fall or floods, but its waters were churned like butter.

Our fishing trip, as part of a Cajun Fishing Adventures Media Bash, was partly an exploratory mission to find out which oil rigs were holding yellowfin tuna after the storms. Thankfully, the Mexican Gulf Fishing Company has a fleet of captains that work together on and off the water, communicating with each other which rigs are producing. A number of boats headed offshore the same day we did.

I set out to record the day in full, capturing each step along the way. Capt. Wells and his deckhand Chris Fotta were the brains, while fellow anglers and fishing industry friends Reid McKinstry, Jay Harris and Brian Evans provided the reeling muscle. From gathering bait, to deploying the trolling spread, to running and gunning to different rigs — the whole process isn't too complex once you've done it as many times as Wells and Fotta. Check out the gallery below to get a true taste of southern-style Louisiana tuna fishing.

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