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Get ready for it. With summer just around the corner it's time for Summer Madness! This is an online tournament that allows you to fish when / where / with whomever you can! Just FISH!

Tournament Dates

June 1 - July 4, 2021

Cost $50.00

This is a members only tournament. The Rules and Registration forms will be out shortly. The pool of money collected based on the number of entries will go to the winner of each of the divisions!

All you have to do is take a picture of the fish on a regulation check it stick with the designated tournament item and send it to


Saltwater Division:

Longest Slot Stringer

consisting of:

(1 Redfish, 1 Trout, 1 Flounder, 1 Croaker, 1 Black Drum, 1 Sheepshead)

Freshwater Division:

Longest Slot Stringer

consisting of:

(1 Large Mouth Bass, 1 Small Mouth Bass, 1 Crappie (any kind), 1 Carp, 1 Catfish, 1 freshwater Trout (any kind))

To sign up, go to the members-only page and visit the Event entitled "Summer Madness".